The snow-covered mountain of Khirsu offer a panoramic view of the Central Himalayas and attracts a large number of tourists. Located 19 km away from Pauri and 165 kms from Rishikesh, at an altitude of 1,700 m, Khirsu is a peaceful spot, free from pollution. Khirsu offers the widest view of the mighty Himalaya peaks, On a clear day, you can count many known and unknown peaks from here. The tranquility of the adjoining thick oak and deodar forests and apple orchards, is broken only by the chirping of birds. The ancient temple of Ghandiyal Devta, in the vicinity, is well worth a visit.

To reach Khirsu by air, tourists may use the nearest airport of Jollygrant. For travelers approaching the place by train, the nearest railhead of Rishikesh, at a distance of 139 kms, is the most appropriate one to use. People taking the road to Khirsu need not worry either as it is accessible by motor road sans difficulty. Also, this place is quite well connected to all the other key places in the neighborhood.

In the vicinity of Khirsu, there are beautiful and dense forests of deodar and oak. These forests escalate the tranquility of this place. The ancient shrine of Ghandiyal Devta located nearby is also a good place to visit. The adjacent apple orchards are also a big draw amongst tourists. During the months of winter, the snow-capped mountains of Khirsu play a major role to attract tourists. On the other hand, in summer, tourists can obtain a clear sight of the central Himalayas. About 300 stunning peaks, both named and unnamed, can be seen from Khirsu, which no doubt is a visual delight!

Places to Visit

Being at Khirsu needs a different mindset. This place makes you introspective, closer to your natural self, leaving behind your city life, your urban existence like a mere slough, get yourself immersed completely, into the serene surrounding. Even on a sunny day one can’t see the sky above, as one descends through the thick forests of pine, Oak and Deodars.

Past elegant pathways covered with bright green moss and fascinating growth of fern. You will pass through an unknown world amidst numerous apple trees, bunches of Mushrooms grown in the dark underneath, refresh your mind with the fragrances of nameless wild flowers and exotic herbs, listen to to the songs of nature, accompanied by chirping birds.

It’s an experience, exclusively your’s, because Khirsu never sees the multitude of visitors. When you reach the top, you get a breathtaking views of the himalayan range. As if a conjured world surrounding you, is putting you into a philosophical trance, concentrating on yourself and your space in the universe. Jwalpa Devi Temple- A well known religious center on Pauri-Kotdwar road. Open round the year.

A big religious festival is held every year, during the Navratras. Ghandiyal Devta- The ancient temple of Ghandiyal Devta is a major attraction, in the area. The flowers at Thangu valley are known for their beauty, especially the rare orchids, high altitude flowers and vegetation. A yearly Yak race is a popular sport and attracts a lot of attention from locals and tourists.


Khirsu enjoys a salubrious climate almost round the year. The best time to visit Khirsu is from April to June and October to. December.