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By Mr Apirva Tank, Mumbai
Dated: 05 July 2011

As I would call, my yatra was organized by the best travel organizer i.e Navin Mohan Shubh Yatra tours and travels.

Mr. Navin gave us the best and honest deal. Whatever was committed was fulfilled. Most recommended travel guide for your Char Dham Yatra. Navin Mohan is very humble, very organized and like a family person. They know their job very well….be it the Innova car, be it feedback, the driver, the commitment…they are the best. Navin Mohan gave us the best moments it was happiness beyond expression. And how can I not write about our driver ‘Kukku’….He was the real hero of our precious journey while travelling for our Char Dham Yatra.

‘Kukku’ from day one gave us a feeling that he was part of our family…he took care of all our needs…..and his driving was very smooth and comfortable. He was like our Sharthi on our mission….he knew the Himalayan road trips…in a very playful manner…every single moment he supported us proper tea and lunch breaks, halting at proper scenic sights for photography, tolerating my kids vomiting ….It would be wrong to call him our driver…he was like an expert guide….elder brother…taking us comfortably towards our Char Dham dream… as if it was his own family. The overwhelming treatment for our char Dham trip was one of the most memorable moments we will cherish throughout our lives.

The love, affection, welcome and hospitality we received from Navin and team was unique and inspiring enough for first timer to trust Subh yatra tours and travels. We Tank family really appreciate and salute every effort of Navin and special mention for Kuku as without him it would have been impossible to enjoy the moments….he was like protecting and guiding and hand holding for the entire 12 days. It was fascinating to see the bond and attachment we had developed with him in such a short times….while departing for Mumbai it brought tears to all of us…..we all were missing ‘kuku’.

Believe me our char dham trip was the most wonderful and an enriching experience only because of Navin Mohan and team. (Navinji give our regards to Chandar…. another Navin kumars driver who was on the same journey with other party but he was closely attached with my kids…really a gem…chandar bhaiya Aryan aur aahana aapko aur Kuku ko bahut yaad karte hai)

You are only as good as the people you meet with such was the heartening experience of my Char Dham Yatra.

Do’s : Surrender to your driver, do not try to teach him his job, don’t forget he knows uttrakhand better than you…that’s his home ground, Trust your travel agent, be discipline, follow the time table, give enough rest time to your driver, take care of his small needs tea nasta, take parchi for quick darshan (pay and park types)…believe me if you are spending so much…. pay this extra money and you will get best darshan of your life.

Don’ts : Do not mess with locals, do not plunge into Ganga it is dangerous, Do not mess with panda’s, go as per your travel agents itinerary… not change plans as per your needs.

Char Dham is pawan a most visit yatra! Full of scenic beauty….be it yamnotri, gangotri, kedarnath and badhrinath its beauty beyond expression…..Aap khud ja ke anand li ji ye…I love my India!

Thanks for the most wonderful trip…..coming soon our next trip!

Apurva Tank & Family